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She runs home, all alone, feeling so confused
Her tears and redness, each concealing the abuse
Done in her school by more than a few
Now, being degraded on some monarch rule
Her gay mentality classified her as peasant
Ignored her personality even if it was pleasant
Gradually to rapidly she became so depressed
Disgusted of the unjust image that reflects
Because shes infactuated with the opposite sex
her mother and father even felt feelings of regret
She would enter sleep with her arms wet
rubberbands not enough so she cut her slef instead
and went to sleep each day hoping it was her death bed
She was different making it hard to acceptance
Little did she know, that shes very beautiful
She felt she mustve been dropped from a ufo
It pisses me off when I see how cruel the world is
This girl is, in need of love to make her heart mend
born this way bringin pain each day without end

I ve got a phobia.
One hope keeps you alive,
You woke up alive
Heal your cuts ribs and bruises
Find a new perspective
Find a new objective
Do your best it'll get better now
Just keep on strong
Society is the one that is wrong x4

Second verse:

And for u bullies your in for it, that mentally injured kid
Would probably grow up to do worse than Virginia did
Cus when you jump a kid, ur stomping away his innocence
Making stereotypesfor yourself , creating more turbulance,
Kid sent to the ambulance,nowregrets his existence
Cause , its obvious he may not be the biggest
Deliverance from evil, it what he cried aloud
He also knew that he couldn't make his momma proud
ridiculed him everyday for letting others knock him out
treat memories like butterfly affect so he can blackem out
begging for angels screaming "jesus droppem down"
instead monsters growl, kinda like his pockets did
cus he lives impoverished, and theres no stopping it
he kept everything bottled up, while his father was poppin it
wants to escape reality , his son was his scapegoat
smites his son constantly,why just cus he says so
and he would be damned if his son would ever say no
wait woah, whats this mark on his face though
hes bleeding Its painful to see, all of its hateful
Disgraceful deeds to the dying race of ones in need
Patterns just repeat kinda like a hiphop beat
Some result to violence others result to weed
Some fall on the battlefield, others just retreat
Some fail to decipher, or simply they cannot read
Interrupted with corrption forced to live angrily


Third Verse:

That's it , I hold the whole world in my hands like atlas
Shoot optic beams at it while I rotate it on the axis
We learn about the civil war in our history classes
Theres ONE between normal people and the outkasted
with a dictator ship far more radical than castro
im followed by it constantly so I battle my shadow
cease to believe that †here life is full of greed
or defeat, they unlock heaven with suicide as a key
but that's issue amongst the worlds human beings
there life hasn't been defined yet, but it surely has meaning
im tired as repeating, and im tired of seeing
a portion ofthe population go like refugees fleeing
L.ove A.lways s.hine E.verytime. R.emember ur beaming
Whenever your screaming, believe me
soon as u turn on the tv, see things in a different light
somalian kids are forced to hold onto theyre utensils tight
not the one to write, but the one to protect their lives
rebellions in Egypt cus they need to protect their rights
but everyone has theres, and its to remain cool
and stay in school, transition anything that's painful
to ur advantage , cus theres no point in letting it damage
absorb the calamities and release it like gambit
ur not obsolete if your obese, that's just a bad habit

if others try to put u down, dnt stay down , just letem havit
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