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Download This is based on an old Blues song called "Gallis Pole," which was popularized by Leadbelly. The song is considered "Traditional," meaning the author is unknown. Jimmy Page got the idea for this after hearing the version by the California folk singer Fred Gerlach. Page explained when previewing the song for Melody Maker: "He was one of the first white people on Folkways records to get involved in Leadbelly. We have completely rearranged it and changed the verse. Robert wrote a set of new lyrics. That's John Paul Jones on mandolin and bass, and I'm playing the banjo, six-string acoustic, 12-string and electric guitar. The bloke swinging on the gallows pole is saying wait for his relatives to arrive. The drumming builds nicely. A traditional folk song derived from The Maid Freed from the Gallows and first famously recorded by Leadbelly in 1939 as Gallis Pole; lyrics differ from the later Led Zeppelin version. The lyrics are about a man trying to delay his hanging until his friends and family can rescue him. Although there are many versions of this song, Led Zeppelin's is unusual in that it ends with the hangman hanging the protagonist despite all of his bribes. Most other versions end with the hangman setting the protagonist free.

Robert Plant rules out a meeting of Led Zeppelin. The voice Led Zeppelin gave an interview in which he spoke of a possibility of the meeting of the iconic band. Your words will disappoint your fans

Robert Plant rules out a meeting of Led Zeppelin
A few months ago the possible meeting of Led Zeppelin in different media was speculated, however, this news was never confirmed or discarded by any of its former members.

This time it was Robert Plant who, during an interview, gave details about a possible reunion of the band. "Any rumor about a Led Zeppelin meeting, shows you they have nothing more to write about. And that seems sad to me. All these media should support the new music and promote the artists to find their audience, instead of stopping at the old trash all the time, "said the singer.

He added that he has no desire to return. "I prefer to keep going, as simple as that. I do not like to stay in the past like most of my contemporaries, "he said. He added that he also has no desire to write an autobiographical book.

In a recent interview conducted by Classic Rock Magazine with music legend, Robert Plant, all the plans that fans had to see the scenarios of Led Zeppelin, and of course, in addition to the news, receive a slap by Plant himself who asks all his fans to stop living in the past and listen to new bands.

What do you think about the rumors that continue to appear on a Led Zep meeting tour this year?  It shows you that people have nothing more to write, obviously. And that is a bit sad. All these magazines and Internet platforms must be compatible with the new music and help new musicians find an audience, instead of stopping at the old shit all the time. It is as if there is nothing new and exciting, when in fact there is. So stop living in the past. Open your ears and your eyes. It's not that difficult, right?

In 2007, the three musicians gather on the stage of O2 Arena in London to pay tribute to the founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun. For the occasion they will be supported on the drums by Jason Bonham, the son of John. The event is big because 20 million people connect to online booking sites for only 20,000 seats available. Since the rumors of a reformation are going well, the aura of Led Zeppelin is every year stronger, bigger. So where does the name Led Zeppelin come from? who were the Yardbirds? How to qualify their music? What is the Headley Grange? How was the film "The Song Remains the Same" born? These questions are answered here. The authors, Philippe Margotin novelist, columnist and Jean-Michel Guesdon e publisher, producer open the box pandore and deliver here all the secrets of fabrications 94 titles of the group. They return to the genesis of the songs, their realization, the studios and instruments used, the triumphs but also the disasters of this long and extraordinary human adventure. Through this pavement of 608 pages of unpublished texts, never published photographs, exclusive set lists, we are at the heart of the artistic universe of Led Zeppelin dive behind the scenes of their recordings, their concerts. A very precise work that takes over year after year all the events that have marked the professional life of the Led Zeppelin myth. A nice gift idea for the end of the year holidays.
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